A revolutionary tool for networked thought

Connect the threads in your mind

Tapestry is a new note-taking software that amplifies your cognitive power by automatically weaving your related thoughts and ideas together.

Effortless organization

Tapestry uses a cutting edge semantic similarity algorithm to automatically classify and tag related concepts, so you don’t have to manually sort anything ever again. Backlinks, nests and bullets, graph view, and multimedia support are already woven in.

Weave your threads with others

Host shared servers with friends or teammates and collaborate in real-time to create a communal tapestry of your collective knowledge. Discovery the hidden insights that organically blossom when you share your ideas.

Audio-first design

Our note-taking tools shouldn’t constrain our thinking, they should reflect the way our minds actually work. That’s why Tapestry was built with audio and speech recognition as a first-class feature. Simply speak your mind as you naturally would, and Tapestry will be your personal scribe.

Privacy above all

Notes are stored locally by default. Cross-device sync and shared servers in the cloud are always end-to-end encrypted, and you can revoke access at any time. Multi-tiered privacy settings allow you to share only what you specify with the people you trust.

Best of all: no need to switch systems

If you already have a note-taking system that works well for you, keep it! Tapestry uses bi-directional bridges to port information from whatever note-taking systems you use. Integrate with Roam, Evernote, Obsidian, RemNote, Notion, Apple Notes, and more.

Loom: a unique device to unlock your creativity wherever and whenever.

Dedicated Tapestry weavers can purchase their very own Loom, a customized screenless Raspberry Pi keyboard that automatically uploads anything you write or record to your knowledge graph. This specialized device enables offline note-taking and is perfect for writers, researchers, and dreamers.

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